having self pride, self respect, honor
"Hadi took his dignity and left"
#pride #honor #respect #seriousness #being respected by a group
by samar tokko May 20, 2007
A value only men are capable of acquiring.
That bitch got on her knees and sucked his cock, wheres her dignity?
#dignity #self-respect #pride #honor #misogyny
by Annie Nonimos March 23, 2008
A man's balls and a woman's brains.

And you know it's true.

2.Unwillingness to surrender


4.Men's stupidity to be brave

5.Women's ingenuity to be clever

"Your dignity is making everything worse. I told not to do it!"
#balls #honor #women #men #smarts #clever #stupid #courage #bravery
by a femme September 09, 2007
What all people deserve.
It is allowing someone have self-respect and not tear them down to advance your own nonsense.
Re-elect Bush in 2004!
by Scot DeVoss September 07, 2004
The manner in which Rangers Football Club and it's employees have conducted themselves since 1973
We Arra People Man. 133 Years of Unsurpassed Dignity. WATP
#rangers #huns #orcs #death star #david murray
by AndyBhoy September 01, 2006
One of the more harder pump it up songs created (next to canon-d that is). Is mostly known for having a killer M run. If you can beat this song without using the bar you are a very talented person.
Wow man! Did you see that video of Wero doing Dignity without using the bar? It shows his feet when he is in the middle of the M run and he nails every move!
by t1ck_t0ck June 18, 2005
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