A person which is called "Digga" is your bro, who is also a gangster.
"Jo, Digga, what's up?"
by doctor syntax March 01, 2016
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in germany used by mostly turkish rappers like Samy Deluxe, to refer like nigga but digga by the D in Deutschland(german for germany)
was is los digga? what is up digga in german/
by Alexander December 07, 2004
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German word meaning dude or bro. Not used to offend, because it has nothing to do with "nigga".
Wie gehts, Digga? (What's up bro)
by LinitaLebe April 24, 2016
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it came from a young girl calling birds "Digga-digga-digga" but her parents wanted her to say the word bird, so they showed a picture of her uncle and told her he was a Digga. He is now called Digga and birds are just birds.
when the girl see her Uncle Joe she says...."Digga" or "Hi Digga, your the best Uncle ever"
by Hot German Girl March 25, 2011
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