A tool one may use if they need to know the definition or meaning of a word.

They usually use the very word you are trying to look up in the definition, OR in other cases, give you a whole other word you do not know so that you are forced to go on a wild goose chase to understand said words. After the hunt, you must then piece the parts together like a puzzle and rewrite it into a proper definition.

However, Most of the time, you still have no idea what the fuck they were trying to say OR the definition you put together using their clues end up completely wrong. There are very few dictionary's available that actually GIVE you the definition you are looking for.

There are many forms of dictionaries. There's Book form's, as well as Electronic dictionaries that can be found on handheld devices. There are also many Online dictionaries available within this modern age. Many of these online dictionaries allow anyone to edit entries and update definitions, leading to the definitions being always up-to-date and ALWAYS ACCURATE BECAUSE THIS IS THE INTERNET
Emerging: To Emerge *you look up emerge* Please see Emerging on page xx.

retrospect: 1) To be archaic *you dont know what archaic means so you look it up* Archaic: 1) To be antiquated. *You ask yourself WTF IS ANTIQUATED!?? so u look it up* Antiquated: 1) Obsolete 2) Advanced in Age. *oh ok i know what that means lets put this together now...the sentence was "In Retrospect, carrying the alligators by hand was not the best plan."...ok so lets see...In...obs....adv....old?...um...in...archa...no that cant be right...um...in...wtf?...FK U U FKN DICTIONARY*

by msvpnin2d April 01, 2011
Top Definition
What you're reading right now, but without all the assholes, anti-Americans, dumbass n00bs, atrocious grammar, made up words, slang, gibberish, and other crap.
The world is so lazy these days, that instead of reading the dictionary, they wait for the movie.
by Cyberquad April 06, 2004
Fucking kidding me? lol You must be bored as hell.
I bought a dictionary. The first thing I did was look up the word dictionary. It said, "You're an asshole".
-Demetri Martin
by You're an asshole May 06, 2008
A very large book full of information about how words are spelled, pronounced, used in a sentence etc.
Although originally intended for reading, the dictionary serves many functions: it can be used as...

1.) a stepstool
2.) a flyswatter
3.) a paperweight
4.) a doorstop
5.) firewood
6.) etc. etc. etc.
by Cheng Wen Lo August 28, 2003
Why are you looking up dictionary? dumshit
Your a stupid assclown for looking up dictionary in a dictionary
by Raving_toma March 31, 2005
You're an asshole.

-Demitri Martin
I bought a dictionary the other day. When I got home, the first word I looked up was dictionary. Next to the word it said...you're an asshole.
by G-rett May 02, 2008
Thing you use to look up words you don't understand with definitions filled with words you don't understand and need to look up to understand the definition of the first word you didn't understand.
Man:Look up wishy-washy for me in the dictionary
Woman:*looks up wishy-washy in the dictionary*
Dictionary reads: Wishy-Washy: Ineffectual
Ineffectual: Futile
Futile: Futilis that pours out easily, useless

by Macguire December 10, 2006
A really good place to keep your weed, if you cut our the middle.
Dude, go git the dictionary, and a lighter, we gona git high tonight
by yesa' massa November 15, 2006

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