an ego stroking ass wipe who gives waiters a hard time and who doesn't tip
you are a big dickweed
by Kona2002 March 05, 2008
When a person smokes too mcuh weed and he grows weed on their pubes, if the conditions are right you will get dick chronic.
That guy is such a pot head that he grew dick weed.
by meaty, matthew January 24, 2008
A weed that grows when the wind blows. Usually grown in the southern states, it has been known to grow well north of New Jersey. Dick weed spreads very easily from area to area, and can grow to huge sizes. It is best not to plant Dick Weed to close to Pussy Willows, otherwise you may get a crop of cumquats.
Did you see the size of that Dick Weed? Man is this place full of Dick Weed's.
by G Man 79 January 28, 2007
A weed that grows only in the lawns of dicks. This weed often looks much like a dick, and often by far outgrows the dick of the dick who owns the lawn.
Jim has been a dick lately, Jim's lawn is growing a dick weed.
by YubYub October 27, 2006
Someone who is way to egotistical and cant take defeat because they're never wrong and wont take blame for shit , one who acts entirely overly macho and is a pain in everyone's ass with harsh comments ect
Why is he such a big egotistical dickweed
by theCARS7879 December 21, 2014
a person (mainly guy) who is rude, annoying, a liar, or a man-whore
"Travis and Joe are suck dickweeds"!
by thehashslingingslasher July 31, 2014
infected hair growing from ur Dick Muffin
"omg u shuld get tht Dick Weed checked out it culd leed to Dickifrenia"
by fagboiiiapplesaucce September 02, 2011

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