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a person who thinks he is the best but is actually a real dumbass shitface pole-up-ur-ass who for some reason everybody still seems to think is cool
this kid came to our school who i cant stand.. his name is Dick Weed
by fcm09 August 01, 2009
59 70
A weed that grows when the wind blows. Usually grown in the southern states, it has been known to grow well north of New Jersey. Dick weed spreads very easily from area to area, and can grow to huge sizes. It is best not to plant Dick Weed to close to Pussy Willows, otherwise you may get a crop of cumquats.
Did you see the size of that Dick Weed? Man is this place full of Dick Weed's.
by G Man 79 January 28, 2007
65 75
When the hair turns green and falls off, this is very rare. The weed is very expensive and valuble.
Bob: Where do you get dick-weed?
Tim: The Pope..
by MaryMustashfa September 22, 2009
14 30
Any STD that a male may have, especially herpes. Similar to crabs.

Jane: I'm really liking John, I think I'm going to sleep with him tonight!
Mary: No way girl! Don't you know he got dickweeds?
by JimmyJonnerton August 16, 2008
6 23
infected hair growing from ur Dick Muffin
"omg u shuld get tht Dick Weed checked out it culd leed to Dickifrenia"
by fagboiiiapplesaucce September 02, 2011
2 21
A dick that won't get hard.....
or a dick that is as soft as sea weed (not real weed) (real weed rocks!!)
My dick is as soft a sea weed, it must be a dick weed!
by Adam Betz May 12, 2010
8 27
Like a dickwad, only thinner.
Look at that lanky streak of piss. What a dickweed.
by PearlFly March 14, 2013
35 72