A weed that grows when the wind blows. Usually grown in the southern states, it has been known to grow well north of New Jersey. Dick weed spreads very easily from area to area, and can grow to huge sizes. It is best not to plant Dick Weed to close to Pussy Willows, otherwise you may get a crop of cumquats.
Look at all the Dickweeds out there!!
by Garym791 February 11, 2007
a unwanted pubic hair
William is a dickweed,William has a dickweed
lachie likes women with dickweeds
by Sk8eR_pUnK November 06, 2006
someone who is rough in their ways/ attitude, such as your pubic hair
"Yo you see how pissed Autin gets when he can't ollie that plank of wood?"
"Yeah I know, he's not only dickweed, but he's a poser as well."
by christ kaza March 12, 2006
A dickweed is a person insignificant enough to be a weed and is also considered a dick
Billy: hey ted ur such a loser why dont u go home and cry.
Ted: shut the fuck up dickweed
by NixonIsBack June 05, 2005
1.a hair in the pubic area(pewb){dudes only}

2.a doosh

(see douchebag)
did you see that dickweed at mickee dee's?
by grut head May 06, 2010
A doofy ideoitic nerd. A rediculous fool. A late bloomer.
Billybob don't wear no underpants. I told you he was a total dickweed.
by atomica October 28, 2009
A pubic hair which originates from the area surrounding one's penis.

Context: derogatory term used to describe one whom you dislike.
Aka: pube
Your a total dickweed
by Co factor S October 06, 2009

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