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The Nautical Star is an old symbol used by sailors. It represents the North Star. If a sailor was stuck without any kind of navigation system, the stars were always a way back home. If you could find the North Star - you could find home. Sailors, believing in curses and omens, often tattooed a Nautical star on thier forearms to ensure a safe journey home.

Later, the Nautical Star was used by soliders for the same reason.

They are also used today as a symbol of independance and finding one's own way in life.
I just got a Nautical Star tattoo on my forearm.
by MikeNessMonster June 20, 2007
A slightly comical insult (used for guys) to be used when:

1) they tell you you're being emotional.
2) they're not paying attention to you.
3) they can't keep a secret.
4) they try to fart on you.
(aka, they just be themselves)
"You still talking to him?"
"Me? No, he's a fucking dickweed."
by MikeNessMonster April 30, 2007

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