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When you are unexpectedly presented with a penis or dick in front of your face or your present person, you are now not a victim of being "dicked", but a dicktim.
Oh my GOD Jeff, what was the huge cock and balls in my locker you left for me? You son of a bitch, now I'm a dicktim!
by Rman3911 March 16, 2011
When someone acts like a dick, and when wronged, likes to play like they are the victim. A victim who is a dick. You dont really feel sorry for the dicktim....if they werent a dick you might though.
Steve was being being a dick today and I called him out on he's walking around acting like he's all offended that I called him out, and that I should apologize....what a dicktim.
by Ninjafart May 01, 2013
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