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The resulting condition of excessive, rough "Dick to Jaw" contact during oral copulation. Sometimes thought to be contagious from general contact with an infected person, also had been said to be "airborn", but these are both untrue. Only transmitted with direct "dick to Jaw" contact.
"Crystal must have been busy last night, she came into class this morning with some serious dickjaw".
"She better get that checked out".

"Why is your Uncle gaping at me from across the room"?
"I don't know, he must have just got dickjawwed".
by Gary Busey is my bitch September 19, 2013
A dickhead that just cant shutup. Talks themselves up and is full of shit.
Someone tell that dick jaw to shutup.

He thinks hes cool but hes just a dickjaw
by Modern day arguer February 01, 2010

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