Top Definition
One who who acts like their dick has been jammed into a door and slammed shut on their penis.
Mg F T W: honestly SHUT THE frick UP YOU DILDO frick DICKJAM
by <3Chain June 10, 2009
Cum, Jizz, Skeet, semen
Lick dat dick jam off ma cack baby
by dickjamman August 07, 2006
A male who has an inability to get laid by the opposite sex thus only jams his member against everything else
Bob spent 2000 dollars on that hooker and only got a hug at the end of the night, what a dick jam.
by Brandon Hayduke January 27, 2008
Like toe jam but found in the foreskin of an uncircumsized penis.
"you ever go down on a guy sportin a turtleneck?" "Only once, he had some nasty dickjam"
by Chaparrita April 24, 2006

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