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When someone (usually a girl) purposely gives a guy the idea that he's about to get laid or engage with her in some form of sexual activity but instead makes it look like she was only kidding.
-After an argument-
Amy: There, there. Let's just have makeup sex.
Tom: Okay, I'll get naked.
Amy: Kay, now you go have sex with your make-up while I have sex with mine =D
by MisfitMaestro December 02, 2010
1. The implantation of another person's homoerotic fantasies or more literally penis into a target's subconscious. This tactic can consist of multiple levels of dickception, tantamount to a raging gay orgy inside your subconscious.

2. Can be used to describe a peculiar situation or event which makes a person question their sexuality due to undeniable and infinite levels of homosexuality (as if their minds are being implanted by figurative and literal dicks).
Watching the Saints game with Eric is basically dickception. Its like having your brain implanted by a penis inside a penis inside a penis
by andyrdck December 03, 2013
Walking up to a drunk girl at a party and telling her a command. In her drunken stupor she forgets that you told her this thing and believing that the thought was her own idea, performs it.
"Beth, you're gonna have sex with me tonight"
"Shut up John, you're so silly!"

3 hours later.

"I really want to have sex with John all of a sudden".

John has performed "dickception"
by galilebro January 20, 2012
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