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A dick that has overall BAMFness, coolness, and the ability to give fangirls and fanboys boners that go to the rings of Saturn.
See that guy in the red leather pants over there? He has major dick swagger goin on.
by Ari Wolfe April 16, 2011
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1. When a man acts like a dick to a girl only when he is in the presence of his guy friends.

2. The act of being a dick in order to pick up chicks.
1. Girl: "Tom is usually so nice to me, but when his roommates came down the other night he was displaying some major dick swagger."

2. "I can't believe Clara is falling for that guy's dick swagger."
by scuba329 September 10, 2011
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swagging your dick side to side in front of your significant other to attract sexual attention
As i walked into the bathroom i did a little dick swagger for my wife while she got out of the shower....
by FPLMD October 17, 2010
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