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2 definitions by scuba329

1. When a man acts like a dick to a girl only when he is in the presence of his guy friends.

2. The act of being a dick in order to pick up chicks.
1. Girl: "Tom is usually so nice to me, but when his roommates came down the other night he was displaying some major dick swagger."

2. "I can't believe Clara is falling for that guy's dick swagger."
by scuba329 September 10, 2011
3 0
A list of things you would never do, or something you don't feel like doing at the moment
Greg: Hey man, don't you have a paper to work on?
Fred: Nah man, I put that on my Fuck-It List.

Sarah: Going skydiving is on the very top of my fuck it list.
by scuba329 October 10, 2011
5 6