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1. The foreskin of an uncircumcised male.
2. The skin on the penis.
I got my dick skin caught in my zipper!
by The wise one. October 14, 2003
A nickname given to people with the lastname Dixon
Hey Matt Dickskin
by Roussell December 03, 2008
dickskins. or dick skin also known as condom or condoms
bro , she's been around the block so many times i wouldnt go near here unless i had 5 dickskins on
by thedakman March 31, 2010
Adj. Of high quality, or made of fine materials; showing class and sophistication, particularly with regards to clothing or other elements of personal grooming.
"That's quite a fancy dickskin jacket you got there, gay boy."

"$90 for a cut and wash?! That must be some real dickskin haircut!"
by Iztish May 15, 2012