An invention developed by Octopenis Inc in order to make scrotal and shaft function more convenient for the male. Dick Fingers being a particular one of these inventions, deals with several metal prongs attached to the tip of the penis with a circular loop that enables the male to do such things as type on a keyboard or put in a pin number at a bank with their dick.
I was eating a bagel with both my hands, and decided to finish my report on African Slave Trading with my dick using my brand new Dick Fingers.
by Wisconsin Braves June 30, 2010
The type of guy who fingers a girl and thinks his finger is a dick. Usually a meat head.
That dude is a total dick-finger!
by 4katy October 24, 2009
A hyperendemic medical condition caused by forgetting to wash one's hands post-masturbation. Transmission occurs via tactile association between infected and susceptible individuals. Symptoms include extreme clamminess of the hands; a smell can usually be ascertained as well. Objects at risk of contamination include door knobs, refrigerator handles, light switches, and computer mouses especially. At present, the only known vaccination is castration.

Note: DF cannot be considered an STD because masturbation does not count as sex.
Doctor: "I'm afraid you have DF."
Josh: "Is it curable?"
Doctor: *Sighs* "No, not really."

Girl: "Oh my have dick fingers!"
Guy: "I guess I forgot to wash my hands."
by anotheraeolist September 26, 2013
Air quotes, when done to be a dick.
McCain's air quotes, or "Dick Fingers"as we call them, don't just apply to energy independence, or assault weapons, or economic policy; they could really be applied to any issue. - John Stuart.
by Annamul October 30, 2008
The smell you get on your finger after touching the tip, when you're done masterbating.
I gotta stop touching the tip of my junk after wacking off.. I got total Dick Finger!
by Jodelle Michelle April 26, 2015
a multi-use word describing the act of, or result of, screwing up.
I would ask Jim to help me out with this definition but I know he'd just dickfinger it up.
by Dale W Norris Jr August 03, 2005
The use of air quotes while speaking to add dickish sarcasm, dickish irony, or a dickish euphemism to an otherwise innocuous word or phrase.
To show dickish sarcasm on an important and controversial issue: the politician throws up his dick fingers when he says the word "health" in the phrase "That's the extreme pro-abortion position, (a mothers) quote 'health.'"
by E. A. Friendly October 29, 2008

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