Someone who "accidentally" caps your ass while on a hunting trip and then responds to the incident with "Sorry, I thought you were a quail or a deer."
Steve: "Yo Ray Ray, did you here that terrence got shot by his own Latrell during the hit on St. Clair Avenue?"

Ray Ray: "Shit man, that's why Latrell shouldn't be involved in drive-by shootings. He is such a Dick Cheney."
by Big Snigglet December 09, 2006
a chain that hangs from the male genatalia.
Josh Filer went to the piercing parlor to get a dick cheney.
by Shiny Sam the Magic Man June 08, 2004
Currently the vice president of the USA.
Hobbies include:
1. Having heart attacks
2. Playing with his puppet "W"
3. Hunting his friends
4. Screwing up the country
Dick Cheney: Sorry a swear you looked like a quail.
by Michael HL October 03, 2006
A fucking chickenhawk, who dodged Vietnam thanks to his senator daddy, who along with President Moron (another chickenhawk) thought he knew enough about war to send many, many of our troops to their untimely, unjustified deaths.
1) Ever heard CCR's "Fortunate Son"? Well, I'm almost certain the band was referring to Bush and Cheney, both of whom dodged the Vietnam War thanks to their rich, politician daddies.

2) What ever happened to Dick Cheney, man? He's been like MIA this last few months. Guess the republicans figured he was a very bad influence, and perhaps more hated by AMericans than Bush, and could be a liability for McCain's campaign that they asked him to hide.
by Chad VanderGriff April 23, 2008
Vice President of the USA to George W. Bush. Bush's decision to make Cheney his VP was the smartest thing he's ever done; it allows him be a shitty president without having to fear being assassinated. As horrible as Bush's presidency has been, a Cheney presidency would be terrifyingly and unmeasurably worse.
I had the worst dream last night; I dreamed that Bush was assassinated and Dick Cheney became the president of the United States!
by ilovepitabread March 10, 2008
The vice president of the United States of America. Not much better suited than Bush himself, Cheney has shot humans and is a big pussey. As of 2003 to the present Cheney is no longer seen in the flesh but in the form of a hologram evereywhere he goes, he is supposedly in an underwaterbase south of the thai islands.
Jim: Look its Dick Cheney!
Joe: No thats a penis.
by jasper patterson November 29, 2006
(Noun) An individual who drinks, plays with guns, and regularly takes women other than his wife to the woods. Frequently gets arrested for DUI and has been known to shoot people. Has had his heart jump-started more times than a defective battery in an old Yugo. An all around American role model for conservative ass-maggots. Rumored to be Rush Limbaugh's secret gay lover. Currently using President George W. Bush as an ass puppet.
Dick Cheney's physical appearence resembles a freshly circumsized penis.
by Blenderhead February 15, 2006
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