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to "accidentally" shoot one in the face, while simotaniously claiming one was a quail. What? Too soon?
A (while hunting, aiming for B's face): Comm'ere little quail...
B (shot, bleeding): Way to pull a Cheney.
#pull a cheney #chaynee #bush #politics #dick cheney
by Cassidy Greene May 27, 2007
While involved in a 2 guy 1 girl threesome, one of the guys accidentally ejaculates in the other guy's face.
Guy 1: Oh yea I'm gonna cum.

Girl: Pull out!!

Guy 1: UUUUHHHHh!!!

Guy 2: Uh dude what the fuck!!! You just gave me a Cheney!

Guy 1: Sorry Dave!
#the dick cheney #cheney #the v.p. #hunting buddy #poor hunter
by Dr. Nutz January 16, 2008
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