Pacemaker on legs.

Also see; George Bush
Cheyne's got a gun, dick cheney's got a gun, now everybody's on the run..
by *Dee* March 19, 2006
-The second vice president of the US not actually ELECTED into that office. Only thing is, Cheney's not actually the *vice* president. He'd calling the shorts and doing the work of the president cuz Bush is too dumb.

-Said "Go fuck yourself !" on the floor of the senate.

- Voted AGAINST the proposal to formally condemn Nelson Mandela's imprisonment.

-Cares more about HIS money that other people's lives.

-Former CEO of Haliburton.
They say that Dick Cheney is having heart problems, which is suprising beucause i didnt think he HAD a heart...
by TBnJ04 August 05, 2004
Any of the obnoxious bloodsucking parasites of the genus Dick, which are known to infest various human populations throughout North America, mainly in the South. These annoying little creatures produce a nasty reaction, with complications including;

-Ignorance, intolerance, and insolence (the three i's)

-General stupidity, and the labeling of any government-questioning news source as "Liberal Media"

-A lowered sense of global awareness, usually in addition to an overheightened fear of terrorism.

-Dick Cheney is a known carrier of the fatal disease Republicanitis. Everyone who catches this affliction dies (sooner or later).
"Go Fuck Yourself"
-Dick Cheney
by wilbur January 15, 2005
An oily, whorefaced, bean-stealing enemy of the people. Dick Cheney completed the long-rumored merger of Halliburton and the Whitehouse. Under Dick Cheney’s guidance Halliburton became a de facto government agency, overseeing policy decisions as well as spending billions in public funds. Dick Cheney also shot a senior citizen in the face, while poaching quail, at a canned hunt (after drinking). He was then taken off the NRA Christmas card list.
Which feeble oligarch attempted to throw a pitch at a Nationals’ game but was too weak to make it over the plate?
A. Montgomery Burns
B. Dick Cheney

The answer is B.
by Author June 14, 2006
A man who has no heart and failing eye sight. Someone who has no idea what hunter safety is. A man who excuses everything George Bush does, no matter how evil or stupid.
Dick Cheney is either another Bush bootlicker or one of the powers behind the throne.
by jesster79 February 18, 2006
vice president who needs to go see the Wizard for a new heart. Calls all of Bush's shots.
Anybody notice that Dick hasn't been around lately? Is he in his undisclosed place or have they faked his death?
by Alex February 26, 2003
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