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1)A man who is sexually attracted to obese women. See chubby chaser

2)A man who is so desperate to get laid that he has resorted to hitting on obese women.
"Andy is a big game hunter. That chick he left with is so fat some kids mistook her for the cool-aid guy!"
by Johnny_Reb May 20, 2009
Verb. The act of shooting someone square in the face with a shotgun.
"We were playing CS and Dan came around the corner right into my sights, so I Dick Cheney'd him."
by Johnny_Reb May 19, 2009
A sociopathic person who feigns interest in the problems of others for personal gain. A liar, cheat and/or Thief that tries to pass him/herself off as an honest person to take advantage of naive victims.
"Matt is such a politician. He just complemented Julie's hair after telling everyone she's a fat whore!"
by Johnny_Reb May 19, 2009
An alcoholic concoction resembling a milkshake that is always a hit with the ladies.

Recipie: In a two-quart blender, add two shots of Capt. Morgan spiced rum, two shots of Disaronno Amaretto, Two shots of Bailey's Irish Cream and Two shots of Kaluha Coffee liqueur along with about six scoops of vanilla ice cream and a cup of cream. Blend, Garnish with cherry and Say the words... "These are not the droids you're looking for" Enjoy.
(Stupid sorority girl slut): So why do you call it a jedi mind trick?

(Me): *waves hand* You WILL take your top off.

(SSGS): I will take my top off...
by Johnny_Reb May 19, 2009
A condition in which one leaves on vacation and neglects to empty his refridgerator of perishables, resulting in mass spoilage and a subsequent foul stench that permeates every surface of his residence. Symptoms manifest upon return to said domicile and include wandering aimlessly, sniffing the air and repeating the phrase "What the F%#@ is that smell?" followed by gagging and vomiting upon discovery of the spoilage. Only effective remedy is thoroughly cleaning out the affected appliance. Can be prevented through proper cleanliness procedures.
"Oh man, I forgot about that pound of bacon when I went to the beach. My place has a severe case of Stankfridge!"
by Johnny_Reb May 19, 2009
An individual who is too socially awkward, uninteresting or repulsive to make his or her own friends, and therefore latches on to someone else for networking reasons.
"Sarah is such a social lamprey! Nobody likes her, but she bugs her boyfriend's friends constantly!"
by Johnny_Reb May 20, 2009
A (usually male) college student with very poor personal hygiene because his mommy isn't around to wash his clothes and tell him to bathe anymore. Can be identified by stained clothes, greasy hair, unkempt appearance and foul odor. Utterly repulsive to the opposite sex and is very confused as to why. However, no one will willingly get close enough to him to explain it.
"Oh man, I got stuck in the elevator with that unfreshman. I thought I was gonna puke from the smell!"
by Johnny_Reb May 19, 2009
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