an uncelebrated act of conservative BDSM. Often involving cock rings w/ chains, water boarding, electrocution, choking, and humiliation techniques to achieve its goal. In extreme public examples, puppeteering techniques are employed.

battery powered pumps are requisite to achieve the full effect.
those poor bstrds at gitmo got to experience the dick cheney first hand 0_o
by lewis419wu July 16, 2010
To make sure you never with a president.

The reason to not hunt quail while drinking.
"I certainly wouldn't want to hunt quail while drunk! I'd be a real Dick Cheney then!"

"Hey Look! Quail! Come on Dick, Don't point at me! Point at the Qua-", The words spoken by Harry Whittington before waking up in a hospital sometime later with pellet wounds to his face, neck and upper torso. Also had a minor, non-fatal heart attack due to this.
by Tab170 July 10, 2008
Prince Albert's bigger heavier metallic cousin
I got myself a dick cheney but its shear mass was too much for me so i down graded to a lighter prince albert
by kanadzki May 26, 2008
An item of jewelry worn by males.
I'm going to buy a dick cheney to match my nipple ring.

Hey, stop pulling on my dick cheney it hurts.
by Massive_Molecule May 02, 2008
A superb quaile hunter
dick cheney is the master of quaile
by NiN March 11, 2006
Hehe, you said "dick".
All your base are belong to us
by MPseMp August 19, 2005
A name not to be taken literally as an action.
Joe: I will not Dick Cheney!
by Critical Acclaim July 11, 2008

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