The next president of the United States, the embodiment of excellency, a hero to the human race, a God among men, and a champion for freedom.
When God saw what a mess the world was, he sent Dick Cheney to save it.
by An American Patriot July 27, 2009
Pwns at Hunting Old People
Dick Cheney shot his old bastard friend in the face and played it off like it was an accident. what a badass
by Daniel Hennagir November 10, 2006
1.)The act of shooting a rich Texas lawyer whilst supposedly hunting quail,

2.)To bold-facedly repeat an obvious lie about something despite all indications to the contrary until the more feeble-minded begin to think it's the truth,
EXAMPLE: " Fox News Dick Cheneyed the public with the story that Iraq was responsible for 911."

3.)To shoot 1st & ask questions later, usually used in circumstances where the wrong target is erroneously struck due to inadequate information or horrific misjudgement.
"Gee, Osama's a Saudi living in Afghanistan, why'd you Dick Cheney on Iraq?"

1.) The Vice President of the United States,
2.) A rich foul-mouthed boor,
3.) A pathological liar,
4.) A person with an elevated sense of self-worth that they believe elevates them above the law. see also Conrad Black

VERB Usage:
"We don't hate America, we just don't want to be Dick Cheneyed by them!"

"To Dick Cheney all Americans for the imbecilic rantings of a few FOX news personnel would be an injustice."

"Well Officer, I was cleaning my AK47 & somehow I Dick Cheneyed my wife."

NOUN Usage:
"Brad's girlfriend dumped him, because the last thing in the world she could stand was a Dick Cheney."

"Nobody liked Bob any more, you just couldn't trust a Dick Cheney."
by Randy B February 15, 2006
the evil behind congress and our "president". often suffers from heart attacks.
"hey uncle dick. did you support going to war to make profits from your halliburton stock?"

"of course not!(grabs left arm) help me!"
by clevelandsteamer August 17, 2005
A chain attached to a pierced penis
After Al Gore got a nipple ring, George Bush got a Dick Cheney
by McCain December 07, 2004
"The Dick Cheney" - (noun) a sexual position in which your partner is giving you head and you pull your tool out and shoot her in the face.
"My ho was giving my a scraper last night and I gave her the Dick Cheney."
by Keni March 05, 2006
1. A man who can't tell the difference between a quail and his hunting partner.

2. Our Vice President
1. "Dick Cheney hit his hunting partner, Harry Whittington, in the face with shotgun pellets. Luckily, he is ok."

2. Dick is just one step away from being president. Thank Jesus George W. Bush is there instead.
by Booblover February 17, 2006
Someone who "accidentally" caps your ass while on a hunting trip and then responds to the incident with "Sorry, I thought you were a quail or a deer."
Steve: "Yo Ray Ray, did you here that terrence got shot by his own Latrell during the hit on St. Clair Avenue?"

Ray Ray: "Shit man, that's why Latrell shouldn't be involved in drive-by shootings. He is such a Dick Cheney."
by Big Snigglet December 09, 2006

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