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A Rogerson is the guy that isn't really your friend. A Rogerson is more so a leech than anything. A Rogerson will attempt to suck any cool and fun out of your social life by smothering you with his company even when you make it apparent that he is not welcomed. A Rogerson is usually short with wide eyes and a big nose and the typical semi-bowl cut. A Rogerson will look girls up on a college roster and add them on Facebook before ever meeting or talking to them. A Rogerson is a professional at cock-blocking in the way that it does not benefit anyone at anytime. Avoid a Rogerson in public at all costs because once he spots you he will follow you for the rest of your life and will not shut up, ever.
Guy 1: Dude, that guy is such a Rogerson. Where'd you find him?
Guy 2: Yeah I know, I ran into him at the mall. He won't stop following me.
by username0118012 January 17, 2012
A hottie with an exceptionally high pitch voice. Often the source of many jokes but is frequently punchline!!! Over all a lovely human being.
Well it could be worse...
You could be rogerson!!
by Naz the lad December 08, 2011
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