The next president of the United States, the embodiment of excellency, a hero to the human race, a God among men, and a champion for freedom.
When God saw what a mess the world was, he sent Dick Cheney to save it.
by An American Patriot July 27, 2009
The future president of the United States who will take office once G dubbs is assassinated.
-A crazed lunatic who will corrupt and destroy the world, and has secretly injected all americans with crabs through syringes and stranded 2 Pac in Antarctica because he knew about Dick Cheney's plan to take over the world.
Danny you better migrate to Antarctica fast, because Dick Cheney is president and you gotta save 2 pac.
by kate is bait November 30, 2004
(Noun) An individual who drinks, plays with guns, and regularly takes women other than his wife to the woods. Frequently gets arrested for DUI and has been known to shoot people. Once elected to be Vice President of the Us US after much fraud in Ohio. Once appointed by the Supreme Court after much fraud in Florida. Has had his heart jump-started more times than a defective battery in an old Yugo. An all around American role model for conservative ass-maggots. Looks suspiciously like a freshly circumsized penis. Rumored to be Rush Limbaugh's secret gay lover. Currently using President George W. Bush as an ass puppet. Reportedly neck deep in Halliburton-related Iraq-rebuilding contract corruption. His alleged nickname within the administration is "Bigtime." He has a lesbian daughter.
"Due to frustrations over his bad heart, flaming lesbian daughter, rampant alcoholism, crumbling marriage, public accusations of corruption, and relationship with Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney finally lost it and blasted his long-time hunting partner with a 28-gauge shotgun early this February."
by Blenderhead February 22, 2006
The fucker who shot that lawyer and covered it up for about a day .

He is also the guy with his hand up bushes puppet ass making him do whatever the hell he wants
fuck man that guy dick cheney just shot a guy in the face
by random man April 18, 2006
a big game hunter. "Big game" equals elderly dudes looking for quails.
Oh, my god he shot me!

What did you expect? I'm Dick Cheney.
by lizoffspring April 05, 2006
The only weapon of mass destruction besides that retard Bush (Calling bush a redneck would be insulting to all people who enjoy it) Dude, i mean, Cheney almost killed a dude because he shot him.
Dick Cheney: The name says it all
by Saint Blue March 01, 2006
Quite possibly the most famously evil man alive. Can't help but be repetitive; I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one a bit scared by the man.

Need I even mention that along with his other evil little buddies (cough, Donald Rumsfeld, *COUGH*), he's used Bush as his puppet for us to suffer 9/11, invade Iraq, lose lives in Hurricane Katrina, hold back from acknowledging global warming until this year (WTF?), not ratify Kyoto Protocol, create tax cuts that benefit the rich over the poor, and essentially rape the Fourth Amendment? And violently harass the first, ninth, and tenth amendments, too?
Kinda reminds me of Darth Vader. Maybe it's mean, but - Dick Cheney has chest complications in a region where blood pumping is usually centralized through a HEART... Darth Vader has no heart... EVIL...

Dude, who the fuck else can shoot someone and have the victim apologize? That's fucking Obeah magic there! I ain't messin' with that dude, he's on some other shit!
by Angelina Harvoux March 27, 2007
Pwns at Hunting Old People
Dick Cheney shot his old bastard friend in the face and played it off like it was an accident. what a badass
by Daniel Hennagir November 10, 2006
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