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A mixed alcoholic drink, consisting of orange juice (preferably Sunny D), cheap vodka, a shot of Mojito, a shot of Patron, as much Captain Morgan as you please, salt, pepper, and jalapeno juice-soaked carrots (typically found at very authentic Mexican restaurants). The ratios can be whatever you like, but the orange juice is usually at least half. That is, unless you're really looking to get obliterated. Named after the creator of said drink, who shall remain anonymous in this definition.
The only thing a prescription of Dr. G's will cure is sobriety.
by allthecoolpseudonymsaretaken July 07, 2010
slang for duct tape
Hand me the Missouri chrome, would ya? This panel ain't staying in place.
by allthecoolpseudonymsaretaken August 25, 2011
verb. To dorsett is to have sex with another man, not because you're gay, but because you feel the need to establish your dominant role as the alpha male.
Mike passed out after only five Nattys; I dorsetted his bitch ass so hard.
by allthecoolpseudonymsaretaken September 23, 2011
1) Former Vice President of the United States.

2) When a man is receiving fellatio from two or more women at once, as he is about to cum into one of the girl's mouths, immediately before, he pulls out and "accidentally" shoots it into the face of the other girl. The girl then apologizes and says that she should have gotten out of the way.
Dick Cheney was our Vice President for a time.

I faked out on Jenny last night and Dick Cheney'd all over Dani. She was cool with it; she even apologized and made me breakfast the next morning.
by allthecoolpseudonymsaretaken January 31, 2011
A mixed drink. One part guava pineapple juice (or something similar), one part Mountain Dew, one part Red Bull, and two parts vodka. Named so because you're likely to have one after you drink something this gay.
Eric is 6'4'', 330 lbs, a construction worker, and drinking a spermy butthole. I dare you to call him queer.
by allthecoolpseudonymsaretaken December 14, 2011
when an elderly woman uses the flabby skin beneath her arms and slaps it against a man's penis to help him achieve orgasm.
Frieda gave me a waterloo turkey wing last night after bingo. It was about everything you expect it to be.
by allthecoolpseudonymsaretaken December 03, 2013
1. a craftsman of djent music and its varying offshoots. thinks of other types of metal as "inferior". insists that a guitar (and, by extension, the player) is a piece of shit unless it has >7 strings, but at the same time insists that the only strings that need to be played are the bottom two, and the only frets that need to be used are the first two. cannot physically play anything above a low A. hates it when non-djent fans (see: pleb) call it anything else, specifically "metal" or "deathcore," even though they're pretty much the same thing. favorite albums include everything by meshuggah and periphery, master chugsmiths. probably has a shrine of tosin abasi and misha mansoor in his/her closet that s/he furiously and angrily masturbates to.

2. an insult for the reasons listed above
1. "Look at that chugsmith perfect his craft, writing music that most of us only ever dream of."

2. "For fucks' sake, just use standard tuning, we're a country cover band, ya chugsmith"
by allthecoolpseudonymsaretaken February 05, 2014

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