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(plural) Male breasts so large you can slide a dick between them.
CancerVSsuicide is gonna get dick titties if he doesn't get off that Subway diet.
by Sekani January 28, 2003
the Scandinavian term for a mans ball sack
Tyler's dick titties are very dark.

Are those dick titties fake?
by Kase Von D April 25, 2012
an irreversible and damning side-effect of pro-hormone and pro-testosterone products, where overdosing on said products will result in men developing enlarged and overly elongated nipples that resemble dickheads.
Man: So doc, just give it to me straight. What's wrong with my titties?
Doctor: Well, have you been taking any fitness or workout enhancement products?
Man: No, not really, other than your run of the mill pro-hormone and pro-testosterone.
Doctor: I see. It seems that you have a case of the dick titties. Sadly, there is no cure for your condition. I'm afraid there is nothing I can do for you.
Man: NOOO!!!
Doctor: *stifled laugh* dick titties
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011
Emphasis for any phrase, one that which usually follows or procedes the phrase
Dick titty, Her ass is huge!
by cancerVssuicide January 28, 2003