Emphasis for any phrase, one that which usually follows or procedes the phrase
Dick titty, Her ass is huge!
by cancerVssuicide January 28, 2003
Top Definition
(plural) Male breasts so large you can slide a dick between them.
CancerVSsuicide is gonna get dick titties if he doesn't get off that Subway diet.
by Sekani January 28, 2003
the Scandinavian term for a mans ball sack
Tyler's dick titties are very dark.

Are those dick titties fake?
by Kase Von D April 25, 2012
The action in which one rubs their Titties on one mans penis.
That girl dicktitties guys for free.
by Darketh October 27, 2014
an irreversible and damning side-effect of pro-hormone and pro-testosterone products, where overdosing on said products will result in men developing enlarged and overly elongated nipples that resemble dickheads.
Man: So doc, just give it to me straight. What's wrong with my titties?
Doctor: Well, have you been taking any fitness or workout enhancement products?
Man: No, not really, other than your run of the mill pro-hormone and pro-testosterone.
Doctor: I see. It seems that you have a case of the dick titties. Sadly, there is no cure for your condition. I'm afraid there is nothing I can do for you.
Man: NOOO!!!
Doctor: *stifled laugh* dick titties
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011
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