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Nipples that extend out real long and grotesquely.
dem dick tits barely fit in her bra, yo. they ass long as my slong!! Oh My God!
by tien duong August 15, 2006
a new form of insult or phrase to express anger or surprise.
This test is gonna be dicktits.

shut up dicktits
by nutshak February 24, 2009
word used to describe someone in a sarcastic manner.
What's up dicktit? how re you?

by Brian aka shwangtwong August 03, 2006
1. The appearance of breasts created by holding one's scrotum tightly against one's penis shaft, so that the testicles appear as the aforementioned breasts, with the head of the penis as the head of a tiny woman. Works best if the penis is both circumcised and shaved. However, a hairy penis and/or ballsack can give the hilarious impression of a busty gorilla.

2. An angry interjection used to express frustration.

3. An insult implying stupidity or annoyance.
1. Person 1: "Hey dude, check out these huge dicktits!"
Person 2: "You're a fag."

2. "Fucking dicktits! I hit my goddamn thumb with this hammer!"

3. "Stop being such a fucking dicktit, you goddamn assmunching cheesedick moron."
by Japhasca July 26, 2011
Tits that have nipples that are unnaturally long, resembling small dicks
Aww shit that asian girl had major dick tits
by LaxBrolololol November 25, 2008
A pair of breasts which have an immense amount of veins which are quite visible, resembling a penis.
Look at grace wow how gross she has dick tits! but be nice to her shell give you a handjob!
by the nipple prince August 23, 2005
A word for someone that does something stupid and really embarrases you infront of a croud
*your mate falls over infront of the whole year on sports day and starts screaming/laughing*
"OMG what an absolute dicktit!!"
by Haynzee July 10, 2008

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