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australian slang for speedos or any other brief swimwear
check out the dick stickers on him
by Mike March 08, 2004
18 7
Very small piece of fabric used to cover the "junk" of a male while swimming in public.

Common in Europe and Australia.

Also know as a "Speedo."
That man's dick sticker is disturbing me...
by BarbieGrL1700 July 29, 2009
6 1
a derragatory term for one who sticks his dick in every vagina he can, whether the girl is old, young, ugly, or pretty. a gross, sex tool, scumbag.
"Ew, look at Garrett. What a desperate and pathetic guy."
"Yeah I heard he did it with some 14 year old."
"Isn't he a little old for that?"
"Yeah, but he's a Dick Sticker."
by guys are stupid December 21, 2011
1 0