Top Definition
Someone who is in a bad or bitchy mood.
Clay: Ay Morai have you had a dick in your ass today?
Morai: Yes,Clay I have had a dick in my ass all day.
Liz: Me too.
by Cancel button August 20, 2007
One who has achieved the highest form of gay. They are so gay, that they often enjoy, large things being shoved up there anus. I find it quite pleasureable.

2) Another word for pain in my ass, just worst, measured by the size of the dick. A really big dick in your ass means that you have a really big probelm

3) anybody whose name starts with M, J, R, S, or P
1) Put your DickInMyAss

2) he's such a dickinmyass, like 15 inches

by Big Moose April 14, 2008
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