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Someone who takes comfort in being at close proximity to a dick.
Don't you have a parade to go to, dickhugger?
by S4lut December 05, 2009
9 1

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A pair of tight fitting speedos, worn by men, of course. Also known as budgie smugglers.
Jack wore his dick huggers down the beach, much to the horror of all concerned.
by WhiteShadow January 06, 2004
8 4
similar to the film of aliens where a mans penis is that large that it envelops a womens face trying to spread its seed down her throat.or a very very gay person holding a guys penis.
Most hardcore porn andy:that guy over there is such a DICK HUGGER!!
by BACON August 14, 2004
13 13
1)Tight Pussy lips
I hope you's bringin' some dick huggers with you
I need KY 'cause yo dick huggers is TOO tight!
8 8