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A phrase used to describe a person who takes full control of the heating system, altering the temperature without consulting anyone else in the office.
Me: Is it getting hotter?
Colleague: Yeah, Adolf Heatler over there changed the temperature.
by Whiteshadow November 08, 2013
A pair of tight fitting speedos, worn by men, of course. Also known as budgie smugglers.
Jack wore his dick huggers down the beach, much to the horror of all concerned.
by WhiteShadow January 06, 2004
When enjoying a breakfast sandwich the egg pops and oozes all over your hand, you have been eggjaculated on.
ahh man, I've just been eggjaculated on.

Sorry I'm late boss, I had an eggjaculation this morning.
by Whiteshadow January 10, 2014
A person who commits a crime, especially murder.
Girl's been shot four times. Know who's the actor?
by WhiteShadow March 05, 2004

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