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A female who has sex with both dudes and female
"Hey She is a Dick dyke. hse had sex wiht David and Crystal."
by Baby Gurl November 30, 2004
A gay female woman who claims to be a lesbian but still has sex with men.
Hometeam's song Downelink freak. Search for them on MySpace. "You say you like girls, but you still have sex with men, you're a dick dyke."
by MrzKryz September 17, 2008
A chick who fools around with other girls only when guys are watching. Not actually bisexual; certainly not a lesbian. Dumb, but still hot.
She's only making out with that girl to get the guy's attention. She's a "dick dyke."
by eatmyfalafel December 12, 2008
A male who is crazy for dick.
Wow, that Jimmy is a real Dick Dyke.
by SwagKG July 02, 2013