1.)The act of shooting a rich Texas lawyer whilst supposedly hunting quail,

2.)To bold-facedly repeat an obvious lie about something despite all indications to the contrary until the more feeble-minded begin to think it's the truth,
EXAMPLE: " Fox News Dick Cheneyed the public with the story that Iraq was responsible for 911."

3.)To shoot 1st & ask questions later, usually used in circumstances where the wrong target is erroneously struck due to inadequate information or horrific misjudgement.
"Gee, Osama's a Saudi living in Afghanistan, why'd you Dick Cheney on Iraq?"

1.) The Vice President of the United States,
2.) A rich foul-mouthed boor,
3.) A pathological liar,
4.) A person with an elevated sense of self-worth that they believe elevates them above the law. see also Conrad Black

VERB Usage:
"We don't hate America, we just don't want to be Dick Cheneyed by them!"

"To Dick Cheney all Americans for the imbecilic rantings of a few FOX news personnel would be an injustice."

"Well Officer, I was cleaning my AK47 & somehow I Dick Cheneyed my wife."

NOUN Usage:
"Brad's girlfriend dumped him, because the last thing in the world she could stand was a Dick Cheney."

"Nobody liked Bob any more, you just couldn't trust a Dick Cheney."
by Randy B February 15, 2006
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A verb indicating an action whereby someone looks out for their own interest regardless of the consequences, and then later if it becomes an issue either disappears or changes the subject (usually by banging the war drum so loud that nothing else can be heard)
When Tom asked Suzy about the warts on her pussy, she Dick Cheneyed him and started talking about how bad she wanted him.

His oil contacts with Iraq were Dick Cheneyed as soon as the administration decided a war would make people forget they didn't have jobs.
by Matt July 25, 2003
A fat bastard who stayed alive just to fuck the world through his idiot adopted son, George W. Bush.
I am a dickhead. I am Dick Cheney the undead.
by Finney July 03, 2003
The "Vice" President of The United States. Former CEO of Haliburton. Did $23.8 million of business with Iraq before becoming "Vice" President and proceeding to attack Iraq over nonexistant Weapons of Mass Destruction.
by NGX August 21, 2003
Current Vice President of the United States, under George W Bush. A man with strong conservative values such as contacts with many, large corporations - notibly Halliburton. Typically votes against things like environmental regulations, equal rights and money for non-defense related projects. Most probably the main influence behing George Bush's cunning plan to exploit the memory of September 11th and start a war with a conveniently oil-rich nation in order to distract the American public from the shitty job they were doing at home. See also pure evil.
Dick Cheney would rather shit on a unemployed black man and take his house than tax 2 cents of a billionaire's money.
by Attractive Nun July 08, 2004
The man calling the shots underground while he is kept alive by 10 million dollars worth of machines (paid for by the taxpayers) for the sole purpose of screwing over the world.
Dick Cheney is an evil genius who only looks out for Dick Cheney.
by Dems_Rule February 25, 2004
An oily, whorefaced, bean-stealing enemy of the people. Dick Cheney completed the long-rumored merger of Halliburton and the Whitehouse. Under Dick Cheney’s guidance Halliburton became a de facto government agency, overseeing policy decisions as well as spending billions in public funds. Dick Cheney also shot a senior citizen in the face, while poaching quail, at a canned hunt (after drinking). He was then taken off the NRA Christmas card list.
Which feeble oligarch attempted to throw a pitch at a Nationals’ game but was too weak to make it over the plate?
A. Montgomery Burns
B. Dick Cheney

The answer is B.
by Author June 14, 2006
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