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The science of making money. A pseudo-religion set up by a money grabbing black magician/adulterer/corrupt bastard called L. Ron Hubbard.
Scientology will suck your money out of you quicker than Hoover sucks shit.
by Finney July 03, 2003
A fat bastard who stayed alive just to fuck the world through his idiot adopted son, George W. Bush.
I am a dickhead. I am Dick Cheney the undead.
by Finney July 03, 2003
Sad fuck who gets off on seeing nations pulverised for the sake of his oil baron pals.
I am Paul Wofowitz and I am an evil bastard.
by Finney July 03, 2003
Saturnine associate of Beelzeebub who has his claws up the ass of a grinning airhead puppet by the name of Bush.
My name is Perle. Welcome to my web!
by Finney July 03, 2003
The ripped off pseudo-science of a fucked up out of work Sci-Fi hack called Hubbard.
"Dianetics: The Science of Selling Books"
by Finney July 03, 2003
Anal intercourse done at such a speed/force that the anus loses all tightness and what was once a happy starfish is now a hot red pit.
Damn that description of Code red anal was hot. Any takers?
by Finney April 21, 2006
An organisation that stands between George W. Bush and Armageddon.
The UN stood up to the twat Bush but he decided to slaughter the kids anyway.
by Finney July 03, 2003
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