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Gay Ray, homosexual male, fag, haggott, any male that likes dick, especially in the ass.
Gay Ray is a dick bandit!
by Dick Bandit September 15, 2005
24 29
a huge slut who goes for every dick out there! popularized by juvenile's song entitled back that ass up
damnnnnnnn that gurl is a dick bandit, she hooked up with everyone
by dstets April 03, 2008
61 11
The combination of a Douche Bag and an Asshole. Most often a goofy, pathetic or annoying individual.
Jimmy is such a Dick Bandit. He's always drinking my beer!
by The Original Easy E June 09, 2006
30 28
One who spends his nights stealing the dicks of other individuals and then stores them in mason jars in his room.
Zac is such a dick bandit that he has 48 jars of stolen cocks in his room!
(Also see cock hound)
by Dick Bandit Detective September 23, 2009
31 30