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A person who has an above-average sized cock and seeks out females to put the cock to use. Usually a person that sneaks up on women and whips it out.
Eric watched as Mr. Collins approached the girl secretly from behind, and he said, "watch out, here comes the big dick bandit!"
by Eric Russell1 April 09, 2007
Someone with a large penis. A phrase made Popular by the Drake/Lil' Wayne song "Im Going In"
"I'm just doing me and you could never understand. Chicks get hammered, big dick bandit. Money flowin' like a slit wrist no bandage." - Drake
by IHateMsSeversonAndMsRuelle April 04, 2010
Is when you fuck a girl, and then insert a 10-foot pole, and watch the bitch cry and bleed, then knock her the fuck out and leave.
Angel was horny one night and called his friend over and when she came over he pulled a Big Dick Bandit
by soccerbull6 October 22, 2011
A man with a less than average size penis that steals the penises of larger men.
E:I'm a total Big Dick Bandit and you just can't stand it.

L:You steal the dicks of men?
by Herpderpington July 10, 2010
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