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a huge slut who goes for every dick out there! popularized by juvenile's song entitled back that ass up
damnnnnnnn that gurl is a dick bandit, she hooked up with everyone
by dstets April 03, 2008
One who spends his nights stealing the dicks of other individuals and then stores them in mason jars in his room.
Zac is such a dick bandit that he has 48 jars of stolen cocks in his room!
(Also see cock hound)
by Dick Bandit Detective September 23, 2009
The combination of a Douche Bag and an Asshole. Most often a goofy, pathetic or annoying individual.
Jimmy is such a Dick Bandit. He's always drinking my beer!
by The Original Easy E June 09, 2006
Gay Ray, homosexual male, fag, haggott, any male that likes dick, especially in the ass.
Gay Ray is a dick bandit!
by Dick Bandit September 15, 2005
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