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A guardian warrior of religon, to guard, or the act of being a guardian.
(1)The sentry stands alone, waiting for an enemy to come to close and fight.
(2)Is their a sentry lock on the doorknob.
(3)That empty car in the way provided a good sentry against the oncoming bus at the crowd of people.
by Mairsil October 10, 2008
One bad mothafucka in a brothah which is a violent demon of Satan.
" God damn nat trick really lightin up da bo in you! "
by Mairsil October 10, 2008
The root labeling to an entity or asset of god, as such example, a guerrilla gardner, a guerrilla soldier, a guerrilla entrepeneur, a guerrilla warrior, a guerrilla records label, a guerrilla war ect.
" My are you a awwsome guerrilla or what "
by Mairsil October 10, 2008
A crazy mothafucka with mental illness an dementia that is on the verge to criminality who tryed to commit suicide once or many times with sugar poisoning.
" Geez, are you insane or are you just a Diabetic? "
by Mairsil October 10, 2008
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