A synonym for a spelling or other typographical error. While more appropriately applied to online user group or instant message communication, it may be used to describe similiar errors in print. May be used as a verb or a noun.
She really dezo'd that word!
by a12leadekg September 09, 2010
Top Definition
Best PS3 Trickshot team ever
have you watched DeZo Defines

Yea they are the best team ever on PS3
by i love DeZo September 30, 2011
Slang for designated driver. A person who is chosen/offers to not drink when going out and drive everyone else home.
"Who's dezo?"

"Ohh its Micks turn to drive us grubs home."
by missjessica567 August 03, 2009
A member of the Abandonware Forum, who, amongst other things previously mentioned, had a frighteningly bad taste in music. His biggest passion was old hair metal bands, like Manowar, Helloween and Judas Priest.

He also had his own band, wich only consisted of himself, but that didn't stop him from writing (bad) lyrics and designing CD covers in MS Paint.
-What do you guys think of this CD cover that I designed in MS Paint?

-Dezo, you should form a real band before starting to design the CD cover

by Urien February 23, 2004
An immense retard.
Dezo: You dont know me at all you insignificent specticle of this world.
none of you do, and your mind games aren't forgiven by your out-burst of jokes, if you will close this thread, be sure you check out my NEW one. why must you all hate my pety soul?
by PeteriD February 22, 2004
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