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3 definitions by PeteriD

An excelent song by Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne.
Iron head... cru-ci-fy you!
by PeteriD February 22, 2004
1. A horrendus misspelling of subzero2o.

2. A qual-esque typo.
qual: dude subzero20 sucks
Pete: Oh the sweet bleeding irony.
by PeteriD March 11, 2004
An immense retard.
Dezo: You dont know me at all you insignificent specticle of this world.
none of you do, and your mind games aren't forgiven by your out-burst of jokes, if you will close this thread, be sure you check out my NEW one. why must you all hate my pety soul?
by PeteriD February 22, 2004