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A very potent stimulant, usually used for either ADHD treatment in young adults, or for narcolepsy/excessive sleep, as well as weight loss. Highly addictive and often abused, particularly among the teenage and college set, dexedrine is a popular last-minute study aid, to help speed up cramming and increase focus.
The night before the big test, Jeff was off snorting coke, as Josh was popping dexedrine. Josh found the pills very effective, and thus, began to snort them, feeling jacked and high. "Oh man," he said, "I'm fiending for more dex," as he ran out of his supply, still hours before the exam. "Maybe Jeff still has some yay."
by Arieh August 17, 2006
Brand name for dextroamphetamine, a form of speed.
I failed my drug test because I snorted a line of Dexedrine last night.
by Epigone July 01, 2003
'medication' for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Brand name for dextroamphetamine sulfate.
by Bennah August 04, 2003
A drug similar to Ritalin but is much stronger. Use to help with ADHD, but can be used as a rec. drug.
I bought 4 dex for $2 in school. I took them at the dance and it made me hyper-and really jittery. I almost ODed I was having hallucinations. Next moring I was really tired and depressed for 5 days.
by KittyEatPills November 21, 2004
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