The only girl able to alter the demeanor of every person in a room as she enters. Men and women alike adore a Dev, rather they yearn for her. Her beauty is impossible to recreate, she is unique, the only girl you'll ever meet like her, a Dev will forever stand out in a crowd. Beware though, as a Dev can never be had. She is the Devil's only daughter and behaves exactly as such. She is defiant by nature, never gives in to temptation, as no temptation will ever be good enough to persuade this toxic creature. A Dev prefers to live a life at her own will, having whom she wants, when she so chooses. Her bed is forever marked by the scent of many men, as she bores easier than even the man himself. People fall in love with a Dev more readily than any other woman, and though it's unexplainable, it always happens, they cannot control the urge to break their barriers for a Dev. The finality of a relationship with a Dev is brutal, deadly almost. A Dev plays your heart for a bloodsport, and enjoys every tear shed for her. Then of course, she moves forward as you remain but ashes in her past.
by FuckedOverByaDev November 29, 2011
Top Definition
Dev-eloper Programmer
Im a friggin dev you smut.
by Anon July 01, 2003
A very talented indie artist. Her tracks are mostly eltro-pop rap. But don't let the genre distract you, she is a straight G!
Erica: "Did you listen to Johnny boy's new song?"

Jesse: "No. I was online searching for Dev's "Booty Bounce". She so gansta!"

Erica: "Word!"
by MsAnimaniac August 23, 2010
Dev (Devin Star Tailes) is an American singer. She was sampled in FEM (Far East Movement) single 'Like A G6'. Which was #1 in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. In Oct 2010 she released her official single 'Bass Down Low' ft. The Cataracs.
Have you heard Dev's new song 'Booty Bounce'?
by VivaLaJuicyyy January 14, 2011
Sex man, known to get laid on a daily bases by whom ever he wanted to get laid by. Usually drunk due to a biological gift from God, Dev Nair needs alcohol to survive!
Oh god, i wish i was dev!
by Mr. Indian July 14, 2009
(1) Software developers, mostly referenced to on MMORPG gaming boards.
(2) A word usually preceded by an expletive or cursing.

(1) "The devs put out a new publish and now I can't walk forwards anymore"
(2) "&$#@!% YOU DEVS!!!"
by SinMaster June 03, 2005
a person or action relating to a high consumption of alcohol or a person who lacks common sense.
That girl at that party last night was sooo dev.
by damiz June 22, 2010
Shortened version of Devastated.
NOT Devastation or Devastate. Just Devastated.
Guy 1: "I can't come to the party tonight..."
Guy 2: "Absolutely devs."
Guy 1: "I know, I can't afford it, sorry."
Guy 2: "Devs."
by DEVSMLB May 11, 2011
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