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websters dictionary defines it as one who engages in the activites of a low life these include: drugs excessive drinking and smoking. the common dev resides typically inland is a slacker and an underachiever, common devs participate in exclusively games centred around a round or "cylinrical" ball.
" good ya devs! "
by you-know who-i-am. September 12, 2009
5 24
A very long story usually boring and useless; teller of the story usually laughs hysterically and at the sky before telling what he believes to a funny part; the story never ends because the teller usually gets sidetracked by music or really anything or he does get to the end but that is worse because it leaves you thinking why the fuck did he just waste 20 minutes of my life telling me that stupid story
Wow did you hear that fucking dev Eric told the other day?

Yes I was contemplating suicide!!
by Mooonnny June 30, 2009
6 30
dev - a term that has come to mean devilish, naughty, wicked, troublesome, cheeky or subversive.
"He was well dev that man", "I devved them to the max" and "What a dev you are but I like you"
by devboy June 26, 2007
19 44
To puke after much drinking.

(D)rink (E)quals (V)omit.
The pissed drunk cock devved all over his shirt.
by j-Rok February 05, 2003
52 78
Short for Deviance, which is a release group in the warez scene.
yay! we did another proper of a FLT release
by Cloud02 July 21, 2003
11 44
short for Devon(a meat commonly believed to be comprised of lots of animal leftovers);Disgusting
"did u see that? it was Dev"
by Sam... July 26, 2006
6 41
The word "Dev" is often refered too as another name for whore,slut,hoe,tramp and or skank.
I heard that she woke up smelling of fish and then confessed that she totally acted like a dev last night!
by uhn November 01, 2007
16 52