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(pronounced doysh-bag) An insult used AGAINST German people. The word is derived from the german word for german, Deutsch, and the english insult Douchebag, and is used in the same sense as douchebag, but exclusively to Germans.
Steve: What Do you think of the new kid?
Bob: oh you mean that German kid with the ego?
Steve: Yeah, him.
Bob: Oh, Total Deutschbag.
by Jesus Was Emo. August 18, 2007
156 37
An individual of German origin or descent who is rude, unaccommodating, or otherwise an asshole.
Man, Franz is a real deutschbag.
by asdspn July 04, 2009
55 21
A German douchebag.
Wow, that Dillon Clayton is a Deutschbag for sure. It's not even fair. *snap* *snap* *snap*.
by Joe Van May 01, 2009
48 18
A german dueche bag.

Real funny deutsch bag.

Used in the movie Beerfest
by Westley E October 21, 2007
33 25
When someone is beyond just a normal "douche" bag, they are actually the equal to a Nazi douche bag from the World War II era. This term is typically reserved for douche bags on the political scale.
Voter: That Rick Perry is a Deutsch Bag.
by Trever Adams October 27, 2011
9 3
(n): German douche-bag. Not to be confused with the french version douche-baguette.
Hey, Deiter, stop being a Deutsch-Bag.
by djjeremiahj March 25, 2011
7 1
A German-male who thinks they know it all and lets everyone around them know it. He will typically offend everyone he mets.
I have a coworker that is German, he is such a deutschbag. I can't stand him.
by KaptainSkinBoat December 03, 2010
13 11