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5 definitions by KaptainSkinBoat

The divider between standup urinals in mens bathrooms. Prevents others from checking out your junk while urinating.
I can whiz without you seeing my junk because there is a queer guard seperating us.
by KaptainSkinBoat December 04, 2010
2 1
A quick response when asked if you like something and really don't but you don't have the balls to tell the truth.
Girlfriend: How do you like my new dress?

Boyfriend: "I like it more than I don't"
by KaptainSkinBoat December 04, 2010
3 2
A German-male who thinks they know it all and lets everyone around them know it. He will typically offend everyone he mets.
I have a coworker that is German, he is such a deutschbag. I can't stand him.
by KaptainSkinBoat December 03, 2010
13 12
The first erection of the day that occurs while waking up from a night of sleep.
I could hammer nails with my morning woodage.
by KaptainSkinBoat December 03, 2010
1 1
To tell others how cool you do things when everyone already knows your not.
Every time I go out with my possie I pick up all the ladies, this is how we roll
by KaptainSkinBoat November 20, 2010
20 22