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Deucer- A female weighing over 200 pounds.
Mary is a deucer; she weighs over 200 pounds.
by Rob August 30, 2003
one who drops deuces
You are such a deucer! It smells in here
by racoon noise johnson November 29, 2010
A double shot of hard alcohol
All those deucers put me to the ground
by AoTiKo September 07, 2005
to take a drap. derivd from the childish, 'going number two'
i have to go take a wicked deucer
by adan hecht May 29, 2004
a tag team pair of athletes who dominate in every aspect of their sport, usually have a theme song, and are irresistable to the opposite sex
-did you see those two guys do work last night?
-yeah they were straight up deucers!
by blazer23 May 25, 2009
a DUI/DWI. comes from police code for drunk driving which is a 502 (deuce coming from the 2 on the end of 502).
dude i got a deucer last night and im getting my license suspended. this sucks.
by Mrs. S. May 16, 2007
A ball hit so hard in baseball that it could be considered a "nuker".
Did you see Chris's homerun? That thing was a deucer!
by jacktags4 July 04, 2015

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