A huge dump; a large #2. (History). Steve & Craig were looking for a tactful way to talk about a trip to the bathroom
After that Deuce McAllister, I am surprised the toilet wasn't clogged.
by Steve&Craig November 01, 2003
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Running back for the New Orleans Saints.
Deuce McAllister ran for a huge gain against the Atlanta Falcons.
by Hot Carl January 25, 2004
The closest competition to Michael Vick's greatness.
184 yds, 2 TDs vs. the Eagles
116 yds, 2 TDs vs. the Falcons
by Dulymus April 29, 2004
A term used to describe 26" rims on your ride.

Derived from New Orleans Saints running back Deuce McAllister, who is #26.
Dwam, peep the deuce mcallisters on that truck! You KNOW he's rollin' hard.
by omgphatbeats March 08, 2006
1. noun/:NFL running back who plays for the Saints

2.the hugest of all shits, origin: derived from deuce
also known as: Doogenstien, Deuce Staley, Doogie Houser, or Doogie House, MD
1. man, Deuce Mcallister is the only decent player on the entire saints team!

2. i wouldn't go in there, i just dropped a deuce mcallister!
by ballzdeep April 11, 2005

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