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lame, bad, performing poorly, opposite of money. (History). Originally coined by Craig's friend from college, Danny, weak-sauce has become a much needed buzzword in the lame, not cool category, with thanks to Boomer Esiason and Marv Albert who used it on an Monday Night Football broadcast in '02.
The Denver Nuggets scored 68 points in the entire game yesterday, making their offensive output weak-sauce.
by Steve&Craig November 04, 2003
One who hinders another by another by embarrassing or demeaning them in front of others, usually girls.
Billy W.I.ed me by telling everyone about the time i shit my pants in sixth grade.
by Steve&Craig November 14, 2003
Weaker than weak sauce. (History). Actually coined by a listener, the Big O, who was trying to say something that Steve & Craig did was weaker than weak-sauce.
Going almost 2 years without getting any is clear broth.
by Steve&Craig November 01, 2003
A girl that's so hot she's unable to be approached, so you give up.
We saw Tara Reid at the Super Bowl, but we didn't talk to her because she is an unplayable lie
by Steve&Craig November 14, 2003
A huge dump; a large #2. (History). Steve & Craig were looking for a tactful way to talk about a trip to the bathroom
After that Deuce McAllister, I am surprised the toilet wasn't clogged.
by Steve&Craig November 01, 2003
Sex. (History). The "code term" invented when discussing Craig's incredible drought.
It was said, Craig's drought ending was about as likely as "The Brewers Winning the World Series."
by Steve&Craig November 01, 2003
The act of a man getting excited or aroused Combines the words 'zamboni' and 'boner.' First coined at a UW Badgers Men's Hockey Game.
When I saw this money hottie at the bar last night, I got a zamboner!
by Steve&Craig November 01, 2003
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