A swear word/phrase in the eyes and thoughts of many hockey fans and is banned in many homes across the world. This word/phrase is just as bad as the word Fuck.
What the Detroit Red Wings are you doing is the same as What the Fuck are you doing?
by DarkMindedSpirit October 19, 2013
When you eat a girl out that is on her period leaving blood on your face like you've been eating hot wings.
Dan had Detroit Red Wings when he ate out Emily while she was on her period
by Zach23 May 20, 2006
The only team in the NHL that makes the New Jersey Devils seem exciting.
"How was the Detroit Red Wings-Devils game last night?"

"I don't know. I fell asleep after the first five minutes."
by Soup Lover May 03, 2009
One of the original six hockey teams and the most corrupt. Full of old players. Basically they buy their way to victory much like the Yankees or the Lakers. No one likes the Red Wings but two people:

1. People from Michigan

2. Bandwangon faggots who know nothing about hockey.
Hockey fan: The only thing worst to come from Michigan than the Detroit Red Wings is ICP and Juggalo fags.
by bloodredrage February 11, 2011
the oldest team in the NHL not by age of franchise but by average age of players
brett hull played for the Detroit Red Wings he was like 57
by theevilpower November 15, 2005
NHL Ice hockey team.

Most OVERRATED Team in the NHL with the cockiest fans that think they can't be beat.(they can)
Jack: Remember June 12, 2009 when the Pittsurgh Penguins beat the Detroit Red Wings in their arena in game 7 to win the Stanley Cup?

Natalie: Yeah it was a great day in hockey
by natalie298755 October 04, 2009
The New York Yankees, New England Patriots, or Los Angeles Lakers of hockey; take your pick.
The Detroit Red Wings don't win the Cup, they buy it!
by Dodger Of Zion May 12, 2008

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