The worst team in NHL history. The youngest person on the team is the coach. Often called on as a person's favorite team due to them doing well. Also known as a bandwagoner.
Anyone who likes this team should go kill themselves
Joe: Who do you want to win the Stanley Cup? I want Pittsburgh to win.
Tyler: I want the Detroit Red Wings to win. Marian Hossa is my hero.
Joe. I thought Boston was your favorite team?
Tyler: Just because I like Boston doesn't mean they're my favorite team. Detroit is the best team in the NHL.

(Prior to this Tyler said "Mark my words Boston will win the stanley cup)
by I hate redwings May 28, 2009
Good team whose stats are incredibly beefed up by the fact that they play in the Central Division which is easily the weakest in the Western Conference AND the NHL overall. 24 of their 82 games have been played this year against Columbus, St-Louis and Chicago. All of those teams are struggling like hell to get a win every 5-10 games. They're just no match for Detroit who gets all those free points with almost no effort. Despite all this, Detroit does indeed rock and is one of the better teams in the league. Still, if they played in a better division, they would have at least 30 less points or so.
Detroit Red Wings Fan: Wow, our Wings are so good. They beat Chicago which doesn't even have half the wins they have! It's so amazing. We truly have the best team even though everybody else has to play often against way better teams.
by Dr.Cain April 13, 2006
One of the oldest teams in the NHL, they are widely considered one of the best teams in the NHL today, and that is is mostly true. However, now, they are mostly just a bunch of old guys (Chelios, take a hint you old useless douche) and need to stop getting their asses kicked by Colorado.
Detroit Red Wings Fan: Detroit is Hockeytown!
Other person: No you idiot, that's just what they say in Detroit because it makes them feel like it's THEIR game, which it isn't. Winnipeg is hockey town. Seriously, give Winnipeg a team again. We deserve one.
by guitarhero2 October 31, 2006
The worst team in the NHL. The think they're so good with their Presidents Trophy, well they can shove it up their ass. They think they're so gret but they suck ass.
The Detroit Red Wings is so shitty the make the leafs look good.
by Dan69 March 02, 2007
Cocky, arrogant hockey team full of a bunch of sons of bitches who love themselves.
I fucking hate the Detroit Red Wings.
by HockeyChick June 04, 2005
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