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A Canadian team with a rabid fan base who seem to believe this team is actually going somewhere when in reality that is face first into the trash. The Edmonton Oilers are the Flames arch enemy. While both teams are not very good at this moment in time at least the Flames have Jarome Iginla.
Calgary Fan: The Calgary Flames are the best team ever!!!

Hockey fan: No way the Flamers suck, you suck and your mother sucks.
by bloodredrage February 11, 2011
A Hockey team that was awesome while Mario Lemieux played for them. Now they have Sidney Crosby who while a good player has the NHL and a bunch of new hockey faggots all over his dick. Even without Sidney Crosby the Penguins are a good, young team.

Simply put they are over shadowed as a whole by that wanker Crosby.
Hockey fan: Hey, you like the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Hockey noob: Sidney Crosby!

Hockey fan: Yeah, but what about the other players? Like Evgeni Malkin?

Hockey noob: Sidney Crosby!

Hockey fan: You're a faggot.
by bloodredrage February 11, 2011
An expansion team in the NHL, entered in 2000. Have sucked since the beginning. One of the worst things about the NHL.
Ohio resident: Columbus Bluejackets? What the hell is that?
Hockey fan: A shitty expansion team no one cares about.
by bloodredrage February 11, 2011
A good team. Nobody really likes Dallas though, outside of Texas. They have terrible fans and located in one of the worst states in America.
Hockey fan: Shame the Dallas Stars are in Texas, otherwise I might like them. Wonder if George W. Bush is a Dallas Stars fan...
by bloodredrage February 11, 2011
One of the original six hockey teams and the team who got the short end of the stick during that period. For almost 50 years they haven't won a cup. In 2009-2010 season however they did. Now they are a good, honest team (unlike the Red Wings) with some youth like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews leading the way. Unfortunately the Blackhawks will not be winning another cup anytime soon.

The Chicago Bears suck by the way.
Hockey fan: The Chicago Blackhawks finally got another, good for them! To bad the Bears are shitty.
by bloodredrage February 11, 2011
Decent hockey team that has about a 1 to 100 shot ratio for scoring as they have no coordination and believe in quantity of shots over quality.
Hockey fan: San Jose Sharks can't shoot worth a damn!
by bloodredrage February 11, 2011
A solid hockey team that plays dirty. Which is why that faggot Chris Pronger fits right in.
Hockey fan: Philadelphia Flyers are some dirty mofos.
by bloodredrage February 11, 2011
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